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About Us

Whether you use marijuana recreationally, habitually, or as a medical solution, we are here to connect you with like-minded singles so that you can mingle with confidence. No one is here to judge, in fact, we hope to foster flower-friendly relationships that thrive! We want to hear your stories so that we can build our community and sow the seeds of compatibility.

About HempstersOnly.comHempstersOnly.com is a dating site and forum built to foster social research through the facilitation of articles, forums, and community. With the ebbs and flows of marijuana legislation for both recreational and medicinal use across the globe, we will hold true with the sentiment that marijuana is beneficial to both happiness and health.

For people in our community, being a marijuana user isn’t just an individual recreational habit, but is something embedded in our culture and our social life. In the process of sharing this lifestyle with a potential match, telling someone that you smoke pot, even medically, can be a deal breaker.

When this lifestyle is a part of who you are, it can be difficult to give it up for a relationship. Here at hempstersonly.com, you won’t have to feel awkward in disclosing your preferences, and can find someone who shares the same interests, viewpoints, and goals.